If I could only describe myself with one word, that word would be "black". If I only had two words, they would be "self-deprecating bastard". If I had three words they would be "black self-deprecating bastard", and so on, and so forth. Anyway, My name is Jeremy Brown, and since you're viewing the portion of my website that is about me, I guess I'll tell you a little about...me.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia which my mother seems to regret with every fiber of her being. I seem extroverted and outgoing in person, which is quite odd to me because I am a very shy person: I never walk up to people I don't know and introduce myself, and I doubt I could ask someone out on a date without serious coercion. I enjoy music, computers and motorsports - but right now I can only listen to the music and take crap pictures of the motorsports. I am quite interested in programming, and plan to get a BS in Computer Science - which I'll need to get a job nowadays.

To wrap it up, I guess I'll fill this paragraph with random trivia about me: I think that if cats had opposable thumbs they would have no qualms about exterminating the human race; if I ever won an Oscar I would thank all the Asian women in the world, my four illegitimate children, and Tina Fey for being so darn sexy (in that order); I make more fun of myself than I do of everyone else, but I make fun of a lot of people so a lot of people don't like me; Crank and Smokin' Aces are my two favorite movies; I believe people who use "damnit" instead of "dammit" are a plague upon the earth; if I ever win a drift event I'm going to put my shirt over my head and run around like soccer players do when they win in England; I'm like 6'2 but 150 pounds with wet clothes and I have a big, distended afro; and finally I'm mostly into photography of motorsport because I don't have a car, so if you're at a drift event in Atlanta and you see some tall lanky black guy with a distented afro taking pictures (the afro is important so you don't confuse me with David Adams) come say hi, because I could use the human contact.

Who: Jeremy Brown
What: Student, amateur web designer
Where: Atlanta, GA
When: Sep 14, 1991
Why: Because a web designer without a website is just wrong. And I wanted a place where I could do my own thing.
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