Status Update

Since 6PM Thursday, I have:

  • Eaten three times
  • Driven over 300 miles
  • Taken over 1000 pictures, most of them blurry
  • Seen Donald Glover in concert
  • Lost one RFJP shirt
  • Gotten another signed by Dai Yoshihara
  • Bro’d out for about 48 hours straight, and
  • High-five’d Matt Powers

But yeah, I’m sure your weekend was cool too.

Just Can’t Catch A Break

Okay, so mid-December last year I got into a car accident. Nothing major, nobody was hurt. I thought the other guy would be found at fault since he didn’t have a license at the time of the accident, but apparently not. I get a citation, but it gets thrown out in court, so I’m not out anything but apparently I’ll have to pay out of pocket to get my car fixed. So you’d think that’s pretty much the end of that, right? That’s enough bad luck for the next five or so years, right?

I thought so too, until I got home last night. I normally enter through the garage, since the front door latch bolt doesn’t work. I came in the house behind my mom so when I notice the front door slightly ajar I’m more curious than concerned.

“Did you open the front door?” I yell out to her, as she went back into the garage.

“No, is it open?” She yells back. Now the gears are starting to turn in my head, and I slump my shoulders as I go to turn on the entryway light. Hey, wasn’t there some drywall or wood or something in front of the deadbolt? There’s typically trim all around the doorway, isn’t there? Oh great, the door’s been kicked in.

It’s around this time that my mom came in from the garage to see what I’ve been trying to work out for the past 30 seconds or so. What I thought was a sliver of light that led me to ask if my mom had opened the door was actually the piece of trim that had, until about 45 minutes before we got home, been attached to the door, along with some detritus that composed the rest of what was the lockset of the front door.

I run upstairs to the TV room where I realize that yes, they had stolen the TV. I run into my room, which looked slightly more disheveled than normal, but apparently had everything accounted for, including all of my checks. My mom goes into her room and finds that they had stolen her laptop (which was six or so years old at the time, with a dead battery but they left the AC cord).

We go through the rest of the house looking for things they might have stolen, but it’s all still there. We call the cops and give them the serial numbers for the things that were stolen, and since my mom has homeowner’s insurance ¬†we should get reimbursed for the repairs and the stolen items, but it’s the fact of the matter that they were there only 45 minutes before is. And if it was a normal day it would have been 15 minutes.

And the neighbors saw them! Not well enough to accurately describe them to the police, but they saw a car just idling in front of our house and didn’t wonder who they might have been. I don’t really blame them for that, since we had been in a lot of rental cars in the not-too-distant past, but I wish one of them had at least gotten the license plate number or something.

*sigh* I can’t think of a way to wrap this post up, so I’ll just say that I’m hoping my mom’s insurance will reimburse us for some security upgrades I have planned.

Dazed and CONfused 2: DragonCon Aftermath

I know, I know, Dragon*Con’s been done for a week now, but suck it I’ve been sick.

Anyway, aside from the mega-herpes I had an overall pretty sweet time at D*Con. I got to meet a lot of people I most likely wouldn’t have otherwise, most notably Brian Brushwood. I took a picture, but I don’t feel like posting it because it’s freaking huge and I’m still sick and I hoped to get over it by Monday but whattayagonnado. Would I do it again? I don’t know, while I did like the people and the panels I made it to, there were way too many people there, even for five main hotels plus the thirty or so overflows.

I hope I get over this bug before AWA.

I’m Sticking To My LiveJournal

I finally decided to delete my Myspace account because I haven’t been on it in years and I have no friends so I don’t need a social network account. Now this isn’t that big of a deal in its own regard, but as one of the 17 hoops they make you jump through to actually delete your account they ask you why you’re deleting it, and aside from the normal choices like “I don’t need it anymore” and “I’m tired of getting friend requests from attention whores” they actually had “Myspace is too much drama.” The fact that they would let you essentially say “Everyone I have ever found on here is a preteen” just made me laugh so hard.

Kicking The Habit

For like the third time this month (I started this round in July so I’m still calling it then) I’m managing to kick myself off caffeine. And my head has been pounding for the past two days. Neither water nor sleep makes it stop. I don’t know why I do this to myself.

Computer Problems

My laptop’s power brick died yesterday. I wish the part that had died was the one that plugged into the wall and I had like three copies of in the house…but it’s alright. I was the sucker that bought the extended warranty, and it’s actually managed to work out! Cost of the warranty was less than the power cable so it’s paid for itself, now I just gotta go without my computer till Friday…

Music Discussion

So I was sitting on the bus to go home when I had the idea for this back-and-forth between these two characters, one a prominent right-wing gay-basher type and his friend-of-sorts, who I will call A and B respectively:

B: I’m surprised to find that you like house music, since house – and especially the funky house you listen to – pretty much descends thematically from disco which, despite being co-opted by the mainstream in outings like Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees, was primary oriented towards gay nightclubs and patrons.

A: And your point is…?

B: You like music for fags, in your own words.

Sleep-Dep Theatre 2

I dreamed this Friday morning, but hadn’t gotten around to posting it until now. Anyway:

I had this dream where the volcano in Iceland that erupted was actually some dying god that somehow controlled all the world’s adults. I don’t remember how I found this out but me and a friend decided we had to save this god and save the world. Oh, before I forget – the god was an engine of some sort that had either spun a bearing or had run out of oil or something. Anyway, we were in a mall in Canada when the volcano’s ash cloud started to look like a sinister figure in a cape trying to envelop the planet. Combined with this crazy person telling us how the world was ending, we managed to figure it out and went to help (me and my friend), but for some reason as we were trying to escape from the mall we were being chased by some feds and mall security. Anyway, my friend managed to get out without a hitch and I got caught but managed to escape from the mall into this mega-nasty snowstorm, visibility was less than five feet. I don’t remember how I knew to get to where I needed to go, but I remember it was hell getting there. Anyway, when I got there, I met up with my friend again and some other people who had figured out what was going on and were trying to figure out this puzzle where they had a really ornate screw and on the wall there was this weird arrangement of squares with the letters “TF” combined in the middle. Somehow, we figured out that the screw was really a MacGuffin and you only needed to write in the squares on the wall which you could’ve done with chalk. Anyway, once we figured out one word part of the wall fell away to reveal this giant crossword puzzle that we would have to solve to save the god. There was some rule like “all crossword answers are .com domains”, but that rule was a lie because the last clue was a line from the song “On The Road Again”. Finally we solved it and saved the adults, but somewhere there was this “Congratulations” screen which showed us our time and other stats and I realized that it was all just one big ARG.