Nightshade is a fluid, black single-author child theme for Wordpress designed to mimic the look and feel of Minima Black, a theme on the popular blog network Blogger. Nightshade is nominally defined as a three-column theme, but the three-column theme is only active on the main page; on individual posts and pages the theme drops to two columns to better utilize screen space for readers.

Nightshade is a child theme based on the Thematic Framework. What is Thematic and why is it important? To understand this, first you must understand child themes. In layman's terms, a child theme is a theme that piggybacks on another theme's PHP while providing its own CSS to create a new look. This child theme piggybacks off the Thematic Framework, a free copy of which can be obtained at the Themeshaper website.

  • Nightshade is a child theme for Thematic. In order to use this theme you need a copy of Thematic - without it this theme will not function.
  • Tested up to Thematic