A long time ago, when the Internet was run by a completely different set of five companies, it was considered a point of nerd pride to manifest your destiny and claim your plot in the world wide wilderness - to establish a space beholden to no advertiser, shareholder or algorithm; a space where the users maintained sovereign control and couldn't be betrayed; a space that could be open without fear of upsetting some brand, enriching without fear of upsetting some investor's profitability timeline, horny without fear of upsetting some payment processor.

Those times are only memories now, but back then I drove my stake in the ground and built this place; and even when the wilderness threatens to reclaim it, I want to believe when you stand on this digital dirt the promise of the past still stretches as far as the eye can see.

I'm Jeremy and this is where I go when I want to talk about things - mostly things I like or things I've done but sometimes things I don't like. I enjoy driving in circles so expect lots of words and pictures about that. I also enjoy the exquisitely masochistic act of telling computers what to do - if I could figure out how to tell them what I actually want them to do instead of something very close I'd likely be the best of all the cat herders.

Despite my anti-social tendencies I have a collection of social media accounts.