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  1. School's Closed

    Fri 12 February 2010

    Due to the threat of snow, the school's shut down. Gotta leave to get something to eat and work on my paper. I guess Lenox, I got nothing better to do...besides the paper, of course.

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  2. Interesting Week

    Fri 22 January 2010

    So I've been exploring the school since I'm going to be here for five or so more months, and I'm finding it...somewhat enjoyable. I mean, I still wish I was at Mudd, but that's only because I am apparently a masochist. Still, I've managed to involve myself in various …

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  3. Today Was Frosh Prank Day

    Fri 24 October 2008

    So today, after taking a completely demoralizing midterm (Phys 23 w00t!), I arrive back at the dorm with the dorm speakers blaring music (a bit unusual for this time of day, but I can deal with i) and the suggestion that I visit my room. OK, I was kinda going …

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  4. It started out simple

    Tue 21 October 2008

    I just wanted to go down to the lounge to check for my phone. How was I supposed to know it would devolve into an almost three-hour game of Contact? God am I glad I don't have to wake up tomorrow.

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  5. Fall Break

    Mon 20 October 2008

    From last Saturday to Tuesday is Fall Break, Harvey Mudd's way of treating the stress you go through in the first quarter of a semester. Mine so far has been pretty nice, mostly because I've been doing nothing, staying up till five in the morning, and waking up at three …

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  6. College Life Update

    Sun 28 September 2008

    I meant to do this more than one time before now, but... you know, I have shit that actually takes work to do now. Damn Hum papers. Anyway, here's an update on my life:

    • I'm not adapting to college life as quickly as I thought I would. I mean, I'm …
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  7. Last Weekend Was Quite Entertaining.

    Mon 08 September 2008

    For the most part, it was nonstop partying. With Dis-O on Friday and Wet Season/Crack in the AC on Saturday, I really did nothing but eat, drink, sleep and game.

    And then there was Sunday, with the staying up till 2:30AM playing Bang and Gal's Panic (not worth …

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  8. Wet Season

    Sun 07 September 2008

    Was last night. Yeah I drank a little, bot nowhere near enough to get drunk, plus I decided to go to Crack In The AC to play Dystopia, and that didn't end until an hour after Wet Season. Oh well, there'll always be next year. Plus I didn't wank to …

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  9. First Day Done

    Wed 03 September 2008

    So how do I feel after my first true day in college? A bit tired, to say the least. I got up way earlier than I had to this morning, and I felt sotired through all of my morning classes. Than again, on Tuesday my morning classes are all …

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