Sun 18 January 2009

So the first dream I can remember is I get a check back from Mudd and I use part of it to get this steering wheel I want badly. No problem there, that seems pretty normal, I should be getting a check back from them and that will be what I do with it.

But then there's the other dream I remember.

So I'm sitting in class at high school (I don't know why I'd dream myself back there, but whatever), and one of the kids in front of me falls out of their chair. Now this isn't particularly interesting, although I've never seen it happen before in real life, but my reaction to it is, immediately I get up and announce that the person who fell out of their chair is having a stroke.

I don't remember if I used any other indicators to see if the person was having a stroke, but I did ask someone to call 911 and, under the assumption that your brain heats up when you have a stroke, ran into the freezer and got some ice and a rag to hold it in and placed it on their head. My brain, sensing the absurdity, did a jump cut to when the paramedics arrive and they tell me that it actually was a stroke.

Then I woke up.

I think I should see someone about that.