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  1. Track Day Debrief: Esses of Summer 2022

    Sun 26 June 2022

    I didn't get on track at all last year [1], so I'm trying to make up for it this year. I made it out to the first BMWCCA HPDE in March, but waited too long to go to the one two weeks ago so I went to a JZilla event …

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  2. The Best Early Birthday Present

    Mon 06 September 2021

    At the time, I was truly worried I might have lost it.

    I had just finished an early dinner before heading to K1 for the monthly league race, and I could feel my stomach squirming as I walked to my car. My first thought was rapid-onset food poisoning, but the …

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  3. The Apex Predator Awakens

    Tue 23 February 2021

    For the past couple years, I've been participating in the championship at my local indoor karting track. It's nothing particularly special - you show up one day a month, pay the fee and get a standard race day experience with two time-based qualifying sessions for placement in a position-based final. I'd …

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  4. Braking Changes

    Tue 02 June 2020

    After my last track day last year I knew I needed new pads - my pad warning light coming on simply reinforced that fact - but I put it off because I knew I wanted to take care of my entire braking system at once: pads, rotors and lines at all four …

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  5. Using My Rubbers

    Sun 03 March 2019

    After spending far more than I'd planned to get the M3 track ready and waking up dumb early to give myself time for breakfast before the morning drivers' meeting, I have finally taken the first step to becoming a rich and famous racing driver: completing my first HPDE.

    First impressions …

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  6. My First Time In Second Gear

    Fri 30 May 2014

    When comparing first times, having sex and driving a car with a manual transmission are surprisingly similar: you may have attempted to improve your experience by researching how other people have successfully completed the task, but when the moment of truth arrives the only thing left is you - nervous as …

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