Using My Rubbers

Sun 03 March 2019

After spending far more than I'd planned to get the M3 track ready and waking up dumb early to give myself time for breakfast before the morning drivers' meeting, I have finally taken the first step to becoming a rich and famous racing driver: completing my first HPDE.

First impressions - the drop into the Esses is a lot steeper than what video games make it seem; I didn't think my car was the most powerful thing on four wheels but it feels really weak on the way into turn 5; my instructor was assuring me it's fine but my tires really feel like they're falling over themselves on track; I've either got to get more aggressive on my braking or a better setup, I can smell my brakes on my way out of turn 10.

The biggest thing I need to remember is that doing a full HPDE weekend is more exhausting than originally expected - I shouldn't expect to do well in league if I'm running that the same weekend, as I now know.

But I finally made it to the track in my track car! Here's to more fun driving in circles ahead.