Mon 09 February 2009

So here I am, sitting in my living room wondering what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. I could do this job-training thing that would get me an entry-level corporate job offer, or I could go back to college. Or I could get a job, scrounge together some money, buy a Hachi and get into drifting like I want to. Of course every option I have has its advantages - save this job-training thing, I'm having trouble seeing it as anything save a mindless reason to wake up at 7AM for mindless classes I already know the core of, in order to get some non-fulfilling job I will hate.

So anyway, I'm stuck between college and Formula D. Formula D seems to be what I want to do with my life - every time I watch Stay Hungry or the 2007 series DVD I say to myself that I want that to be my job, but then another voice (probably my ego) pops inside my head and tells me my high school education was a bit of a joke (ok, maybe more than a bit) and that I need to go to college to see if I'm as smart as everyone around me said I was. I mean, I got a 2000 on the SATs and a 33 on the ACTs and the former is supposedly biased against black people, but I don't really count the latter since I guessed on some questions and there's no penalty for guessing, and as always a high standardized test score does not a smart person make.

Maybe I do need to see a psychiatrist, see what's on my mind. Hell, maybe they can sway me in the right direction (which is hopefully toward Formula D).