One Week Down

Mon 18 August 2008

OK, so it's been one week since I left my home for the college life of bountiful beer, babes and math. So how do I feel?

For starters, a bit more tired. In the program I'm in, they have us waking up at about 7:15. I know, you may be thinking "But Jeremy, you're from the East Coast! Their 7:15 is like 10:15 to you? Shouldn't this be easy for you?" And to you 0 readers who ask that, the answer is yes, I should.


Like Communism works theoretically.

I knew I would adjust to the time clock sometime soon, but I didn't think this soon. OK, those times I stayes up to the equivalent of 2 AM didn't help that though.

But enough about that, let's get back to the matter at hand.

I'm meeting some nice people (whose names I don't remember, some things don't change), and I'm going to some "classes" tomorrow, so I'll be able to see how greivous my error was in choosing HMC as my four-year, one-stop shop for higher education.

My bowels don't seem to like it here, seeing as how I get the worst cramps before I take a dump, maybe they put something in the food here - California, not the 5Cs.

That's about all for now, check back when I get back from my first set of classes and see how I feel later.

P.S. I had an ant crawl on me, and I killed it and it reminded me of The Ant Bully, and it made me a little sad.