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  1. Just Can't Catch A Break

    Thu 03 February 2011

    Okay, so mid-December last year I got into a car accident. Nothing major, nobody was hurt. I thought the other guy would be found at fault since he didn't have a license at the time of the accident, but apparently not. I get a citation, but it gets thrown out …

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  2. My Day

    Fri 25 September 2009

    Some backstory: Back in like 2007 my mom left a car at her job, in the parking lot of a police station, because it wouldn't start. Skip to today, where I, using her AAA membership, try to bring it home. Here is the story:

    I get up to Chamblee (about …

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  3. Cho-Breasts

    Mon 10 August 2009

    I don't know why I'm like this, but ever since I can remember I've always been against porn of something once I've started to like it, unlike what I'm guessing is 90% of everyone who would like to see what is only hinted at in canon depicted by fans. For …

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  4. Losing It

    Wed 24 June 2009

    I lost my Nokia N810 on Friday. Super pissed since I had it less than a year, and it was my only way of keeping the world out when I was on MARTA. *sniff* no more music... :(

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  5. I Think I Miss High School

    Sat 06 June 2009
    I never thought I'd be saying this, but after all the shit I went through, all the stuff I had stolen from me, all the times I'd wished I had gone to a school that cared about education instead of passing standardized tests, I think I am beginning to miss …
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  6. Uneasy Hesitance

    Thu 23 April 2009
    I listened to Nine Black Alps' latest single, but I couldn't be bothered to blog about it until now. Anyway, I didn't name this post "Uneasy Hesitance" without a reason:
    When I first heard Everything Is, their first album, in its entirety I thought it was made for me. It …
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  7. Hum Practice

    Mon 20 April 2009

    I've been meaning to write - just like I've been meaning to do pushups except for when I feel like a weak bitch, which is more and common nowadays, except I'm being stopped by my mental insecurities instead of my physical ones. I have a lot of ideas for stories - from …

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  8. Change is Overrated

    Mon 20 April 2009
    Nowadays I seem to be interested in things I coudn't stand six months before. Beginning with gum sometime in October (probably as a replacement for another nervous habit that's come back in full force) followed in quick succession by brushing my teeth before going to sleep (which does nothing, btw …
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  9. My Day

    Mon 13 April 2009

    It began quite shittily. After missing two buses while within 50 and 30 seconds of the bus stop, I got double-charged for a game I bought. Also, I'll probably end up realizing I made a horrible impulse buy and return it within a week. Great.

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