I Think I Miss High School

Sat 06 June 2009
I never thought I'd be saying this, but after all the shit I went through, all the stuff I had stolen from me, all the times I'd wished I had gone to a school that cared about education instead of passing standardized tests, I think I am beginning to miss Benjamin Banneker High school.
Don't get me wrong, it might've been the worst school in the district at the time - with an interim principal that could make George Bush look like a lame-eagle instead of a lame-duck and a surplus of theiving people that made Ali Baba's crew look like concerned neighbors - but there were some good people there, some people that actually gave a damn through it all, and I respected for that. It might be the ending of Super Mario Galaxy getting to me, but I miss some people from high school, people I could fuck around and be myself with, people I could laugh with.
I'm reminded of the calculus bowl I went to my senior year with the other top students in my Calculus AB and the higher-up BC class, and all the fun we had the way there and the way back: the the funny things we said were going on in the back seat between DJ and the African girl whose name is on the tip of my tongue and I can't remember; when we were at the Cracker Barrel up in Braselton and I solved the triangle puzzle while Richard fumbled, all the cracks I managed to get in on Richard while he said his brain was "warming up"; hell, on the way back I saw Road Atlanta for the very first time.
I think I miss the people most of all: Mr. Swann, Mr. Oliver, Ms. Ensmann, Ms. Scretchen, Ms. Goggins, Ms. Mobley, Ms. Burnette, Ms. Salisbury; God, how I'd forgotten these people so easily; how I wish I could see them again since the new principal basically fired them all and scattered them to the wind.
I guess that for better or for worse, Banneker's always going to be my high school - I guess I could do it a favor and remember the good times a little bit more than the bad.