Welcome to 2015

Mon 27 April 2020

Way back around 2012 or so I had the urge to revamp my website - I wanted to get rid of JavaScript on my homepage and I spent more time updating WordPress than writing in it. Still young, bright-eyed and ready to show the world what I was made of, I promptly finished a mockup for the new splash page and subsequently left the idea to die in my mental "things to get to" pile.

Over time, my site got more and more outdated with its use of a Flash-based gallery, nonexistent mobile support and lack of TLS - and not that this was breaking me, but as my hosting provider moved on I was getting charged more since I was still stuck in 2009.

old site charges

Fortunately(?), this extended beer flu funemployment has me revisiting some of my old ideas, and this was one of them. So after freshening and modernizing my old work, I finally have a website I'm no longer embarassed to admit is mine. Some things might look superficially similar but all the underlying tech is new, most importantly the switch from WordPress to a static site generator (running 3.5.1 in 2020 is only forgivable in the light that the ones COVID-19 doesn't kill will be begging for death when the election news ramps up again and nobody cares about the version of WordPress you're running when you're dead). There's still a few things left I want to do and a couple things I want to change, but this is definitely good enough for me to release as is (it's also cheaper to run).

new site charges