All I Know Is Pain

Fri 15 August 2008

So in order to build relationships with people I don't know, the mentors (or Mudd itself) decided we should all go on a scavenger hunt.

Of all the Claremont Colleges.

Without using any type of transportation.

I think they knew they were going to send us all to hell, but they did it anyway. I must have walked across the 5Cs like 5 times before they decided to just tell us to come back. We were on 11 of 15, and it was horrible. It wasn't too bad for the first hour or so, because my feet didn't hurt then, but when we got to the fourth clue, we were stumped, and walked back and forth between the colleges at least twice before another team decided to take mercy on us and tell us where it is. It went uphill from there, but that was like going from the ninth circle to the eigth, especially since all of our feet were hurting by then.

I wish I had remembered to take pictures during the tour.