Just Got Back

Wed 13 August 2008

For some team-building exercises, we go sent to the Boojum Institute, which is a 3-hour drive from Claremont if you get lost, 2-2.5 hours if you don't. Anyway, we did quite a few fun things, such as a giant swing which creeps the bejeezus out of you, and then scares the crap out of you with the little bit of free-fall at the beginning if you go up high enough. Apparently you use it to get over some mental blocks about things like heights and falling.

Following that was the Giant's Ladder, which is appropriately named, since it is a giant ladder, and could be a ladder for giants. That one is used for team-building skills, as you must use both yourself and your partner to reach the top, and then rely on your rope team to bring you down safely.

Finally there was the Leap of Faith, which could have been the scariest one of all: you climb up to about 30-40 feet, and jump onto a trapeze swing that goes out as far as you want it to. The only problem is that the swing looks really far out when you're up in the air, but isn't really too far out.

OK, that's about it for Boojum, but we had a surprise when we came back: some of the dorm rooms had been pranked, with some things stolen, with instructions on how to get them back. I was lucky not to have anything taken, but they did clean up the floor, which means we can't really make our movie anymore. :(