Today Was Frosh Prank Day

Fri 24 October 2008

So today, after taking a completely demoralizing midterm (Phys 23 w00t!), I arrive back at the dorm with the dorm speakers blaring music (a bit unusual for this time of day, but I can deal with i) and the suggestion that I visit my room. OK, I was kinda going that way, but whatever. I walk upstairs to my room and find it surrounded by a group of people, with some holding cameras...OK, something's gonna go down, and I have a feeling I'm gonna be in the middle of it - oh well, better just clench my butt cheeks and push through it. As I approach the door, I notice the letters "NSFW" written on the door. Well well, now I know that whatever's going to happen is going to be dirty - just like I like it. As I insert the key into the door, I can feel the eyes on me. As I turn the key and swing the door open, I could only stand at the foyer and stare in slackjawed amazement - I had been porned.

Apparently, damn near every frosh was taking that test, giving the upperclassmen one hour to break into the frosh dorm rooms and transform them into whatever they so desired. Some people's rooms got changed into an island getaway; others a brothel -  with books on great sex, lots of lube, and a vibrator. A larger group got their things moved into a common space, like a dorm longe or courtyard. One person got their room "Pinked",  that is, everything they had was made pink or removed - from their clothes to their bedsheets; and finally one person (guess who) got their room "Porned": everything was covered in porn, from the walls, to the lights, to the pillowcases, even to the shoes, pillowcases and air conditioner vents. Supposedly the attention to detail and creativity to hiding the porn results in finding it as you pack up for the next year. After getting over the initial shock (or should I say amazement), I had thoughts about leaving it up for a while, maybe even the year, but my roomate had different thoughts.

Oh well, I hope I get to do it to a frosh next year - after getting rid of the over-50 and gay porn, most of it was pretty nice, and I want to know where they got it from.