Weekend Recap

Sun 24 August 2008

OK, it's been a day or so max, but I think I still remember everything, and I've got pics, so I know it happened, so lets go over my weekend:

  • Went To Universal Studios
  • Went on just about every "ride" and the studio tour. I had higher hopes for the Tokyo Drift event, but I had lower hopes for the movie itself, so it balances out.
  • Went on the Mummy ride, which is fun - if short - and the Simpsons ride twice, which was worth the wait both times.
  • Saw The Dark Knight. Well, I can't really say "saw", since I missed 10 minutes in the middle and like the last 40 minutes.
  • Went to an Angels game. It was just like a Braves game except the home team won. Totally blew my mind.

And in about an hour I'll be eating some Thai food, and most likely going to sleep or watching some Drawn Together.