Comic-Con Crazy

Sat 25 July 2009

I had two separate dreams last night. The first was some sort of gritty, punisher-like world where New York was split into two separate territories that were each split into five smaller areas for whatever reas, and I lived on a cape of some sort in a beach houlse that looked just like my old house but a fourth of the size.

My second, and I believe much more crazier dream was that I was at some comic convention (*hmm, I wonder which one it could be?*) and it was being filmed live or something like that but they could do multiple takes, and this superhero comes out dressed in head-to-toe blue with a blue mask covering his face so nobody could know who plays him. He gets in close to me so I can see who he is actually, and I tell him (quietly, because it's being filmed live and I didn't want to mess it up) "I know who you are". He takes off his mask and it's Andy Samberg. He asks my name and I tell him it's Kevin for some reason. He calls me out  for calling him out by giving me some superhero name I can't remember, and the crowd cheered as I woke up.

I gotta find out what's wrong with me.