Corn Chips & Shwood-Swann

Wed 27 May 2009

So I'm doing some sort of project in high school, where we have to build a computer or something like it with corn chips, and I took the corn chips out for some reason and I needed to get more. So I go up to the front of the class, which reminds me of my physics classroom from senior year, and I go to ask my teacher - who oddly looks like Brian Brushwood but reminds me of my old IT teacher Mr. Swann - for more. But I don't get a chance to ask him because another student is beatboxing right next to us. The teacher, whom I will henceforth call Shwood-Swann, walks around the classroom, probably trying to get away from the beatboxing kid, but he follows him. Shwood-Swann seems perturbed by the beatboxing and wants to say something, but doesn't. Shwood-Swann walks around the class strangely, arms pressed to the side of his body but swishing like mad when he walks.

But I think the strangest thing of all was when I woke up I tasted corn chips, but I brushed my teeth right before I went to sleep and I haven't eaten any corn chips in weeks.