Did Kill Bill Do This?

Mon 08 June 2009

I was watching Kill Bill last night before I went to sleep - I wonder if it had something to do with this? Oh well.

So for some reason I want to base jump from one building in Washington, D.C. to another, and the building I decide to jump off of is a school or learning place of some sort, but we (being me and some compatriots who want to see me jump) have no way of getting in. However, a few minutes later someone who looks like Brooke from high school manages to obtain a keycard, so now we get in the building. We're running up to the top floor when we come across two guys, one of which looks like Kenan Thompson, running down the stairs and telling us to hide. We all scatter and hide wherever we can, including behind a door of a classroom in use. After we see two teachers walk down the stairs, we call it off, but when we do get downstairs we come into contact with this hard-ass teacher who challenges all of us. My compatriots don't get off so well, but I use the fact that I am younger than them to say I am in the school, and when he asks me stuff about the school I answer correctly apparently, and he ends up leaving us alone.
Oh, and I was inside an Apple Store that physically changed malls. I don't know what the hell that was about.