Last Night Was Weird

Mon 04 January 2010

Okay, so first off I had to clean out the garage to go hang out with my friend who was apparently some sort of anthropomorphic frog who couldn't talk, and while doing so I find my actual bike in pieces. I also find what looks to be an old sit-down scooter, so I try to ride it but find I cant stop as it has no brakes and my sneakers are worn down to essentially nothing.

I guess I finished with cleaning out the garage and forgot about hanging out with my frog friend because I go to what is apparenty the backyard of my house to find my mom working on some sort of large outdoor pond. For some reason I get into the old Range Rover we have in the backyard and it's running. My mom then gets in as well and reverses through our backyard gate and into the woods behind our house.

I wish I knew what any of this meant (except for the Range Rover, that just means TG is awesome)