Never Watch 24 Before Sleep

Tue 13 January 2009

So I don't remember the pretenses, but somehow I found myself in a room with about 4 or 5  little kids and from what I could tell, we were being sold off, to whom I don't know. I remember there were prizes for being the smartest, but I don't remember what happened if you came in last. However, I do remember that if you flayed yourself, your price went up (?). Anyway, I was trapped and the doors were locked. But when I told them I was way older than everyone else (like 10 years), they let me go but without my stuff - ooh, I just rmrmbered the house was on Meadowbrook Way! Anyway, I waited until night to grab my shit and GTFO. I don't remember if I called the cops on the operation or if I left the other mind-children there to be tormented or ultimately sold, but I hope they're happy in my subconscious. I probably shouldn't watch True Beauty before sleep either.