No More Snickerdoodles Before Bed

Thu 07 May 2009
Okay, so there was this supercomputer, and it was GLaDOS-like without the psycopathy and murderous inclinations, and for some reason it thought that I did something wrong as a child and didn't like me for it, and wouldn't like me until I corrected it. all I really remember is that I was in this really big room that could have been a warehouse and I had to write something, but the computer wasshining a light in my face from this large train from the other side. I don't remember how I got to thinking about the computer, it might have been video games.
Oh, also Alec Baldwin was an executive in the company and when the computer was shining the light in my face he put his hand up to block it.
This could very well be the signal of the start of my decent into madness.