Sleep-Dep Theatre 2

Sun 04 July 2010

I dreamed this Friday morning, but hadn't gotten around to posting it until now. Anyway:

I had this dream where the volcano in Iceland that erupted was actually some dying god that somehow controlled all the world's adults. I don't remember how I found this out but me and a friend decided we had to save this god and save the world. Oh, before I forget - the god was an engine of some sort that had either spun a bearing or had run out of oil or something. Anyway, we were in a mall in Canada when the volcano's ash cloud started to look like a sinister figure in a cape trying to envelop the planet. Combined with this crazy person telling us how the world was ending, we managed to figure it out and went to help (me and my friend), but for some reason as we were trying to escape from the mall we were being chased by some feds and mall security. Anyway, my friend managed to get out without a hitch and I got caught but managed to escape from the mall into this mega-nasty snowstorm, visibility was less than five feet. I don't remember how I knew to get to where I needed to go, but I remember it was hell getting there. Anyway, when I got there, I met up with my friend again and some other people who had figured out what was going on and were trying to figure out this puzzle where they had a really ornate screw and on the wall there was this weird arrangement of squares with the letters "TF" combined in the middle. Somehow, we figured out that the screw was really a MacGuffin and you only needed to write in the squares on the wall which you could've done with chalk. Anyway, once we figured out one word part of the wall fell away to reveal this giant crossword puzzle that we would have to solve to save the god. There was some rule like "all crossword answers are .com domains", but that rule was a lie because the last clue was a line from the song "On The Road Again". Finally we solved it and saved the adults, but somewhere there was this "Congratulations" screen which showed us our time and other stats and I realized that it was all just one big ARG.