Sleep-dep TV

Fri 08 May 2009
So I had two seperate but similar dreams last night. The first one was that I went into some alternate dimension using a MARTA train for some reason that was lost to my dream.
The second, more recent dream I had was that I was at something that was either a car show or like one because it had a multiplayer setup of some racing game; it was like Gran Turismo but not. Anyway, I was leaving and taking MARTA to get back home and there were so many escalators to the lower platform that I couldn't find the right one. Somehow I got on the top of a train and some disembodied, narrator-like voice said something about black people and decapitation. Jump cut to me and my mother driving down some country road that seems to be flooded every 500 feet or so. We pull over for some reason and there's a person behind us who asks for help. Then I wake up.