2 Things

Tue 03 March 2009
  1. It snowed here Sunday. That may not be that big to my 0 readers in Maine, but trust me, it's huge to me. In the 17.5 years I've lived here, it's snowed about three distinct times that I remember: once when I was really young (about five), once last year around this time, and once on Sunday. I find it odd that I have an average snow day about every six years, bout have had two in less than a year and a half.
  2. I went downtown yesterday. I don't know what I was looking for in particular, but I do wish I had waited until it warmed up later this week. However I did find a nice Thai restaurant on 10th Street. Called (appropriately) The Tenth, it was a nice place with a warm atmosphere. Although when I got there I was the only one there, and I never like that (it might be a sign about food quality from the locals; also I always feel like I'm being watched). I got the Pad See-Ew with shrimp and it was good, well portioned and didn't give me diarrhea the next day (or night), which is more than I can say for  some places (Arby's...). Overall I though the overall experience was nice, although pricey ($17 for 1 person after tip). However, if I came into some money and wanted Thai food, I'd definitely go back.