A Surprising Proposition

Sat 18 April 2009
So I'm waiting on the bus at the station when this guy comes up to me and asks me if I have a valid license. I tell him I do, and he tells me that he has a car but a suspended license, and he needs to be somewhere. If I drive him to where he needs to go, he'll pay me for my troubles and drop me off where I need to go.
Now this sounds like an amazing proposition for me - get paid to drive - too amazing to be true. while I was talking to the guy who approached me about this I see a combination of news stories that show a missing student and a mental image of me butt-naked in Hapeville or somewhere in bumble-fuck after getting jumped when I dropped the guy off. I weighed the pros against the cons and decided I didn't want to be butt-naked and penniless in bumble-fuck, so I decided to turn down the offer. But that is a sad indicator of the state of our society - that one person can't help another without thinking that it may be a trap.
Sucks too. That was perfect for me.