Dazed & CONfused

Wed 23 September 2009

Okay, if I don't write this post now I probably never will. I'm not feeling particularly articulate right now, so I'll just bullet-point my weekend:

  • I staffed AWA last weekend.
  • It was awesome.
  • I started staffing on Thursday, setting up the panel rooms.
  • Due to MARTA and food issues, I got to the Galleria around 1pm.
  • I was setting stuff up until about 7:30 that night, and didn't get my badge until late.
  • They fed us, though, so that made up for it.
  • Most of the work I had to do was in setting up the panel rooms on Thursday and taking them down on Sunday, so I was pretty much free during the con.
  • I spent way more money than I wanted to.
  • I got some sweet swag, and on Friday met LittleKuriboh, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
  • I wanted to meet LittleKuriboh again to get him to sign my shirts, but I couldn't find him. Weak.
  • I found out LittleKuriboh was British, which I probably could've found out anyway by Googling him for five minutes.
  • I participated in the AMV Game Show.
  • I failed badly in the AMV Game Show.
  • I seemed to obtain the nickname "Headphones" due to my participation in the AMV Game Show.
  • I fixed a projector in the Hentai panel room, which snagged me a bottle of Tentacle Grape, something I had actually been wanting to try for a while.
  • Due to mob mentality, I ended up chugging the bottle of Tentacle Grape in front of the Hentai panel room.
  • When asked how it tasted, I responded that it "tastes like jail time".
  • I was met by a roaring round of applause for my erudite description of the beverage.
  • I played Rock Band more than I had in a while.
  • I caught a panel on defending our enjoyment of anime to the general public by comparing it to more accepted forms of entertainment.
  • I spent even more money than I wanted to.
  • I bought too much not enough Pocky.
  • I saw a lot of super-special-awesome costumes.
  • I had hella fun.
  • I plan on staffing another con, and staffing AWA again when I'm back in the area around the time, but I'll stay at the hotel then.