Did You Know...

Mon 29 March 2010

...that the AJC Auto Show was last week? I didn't until Thursday, I was wondering when it would happen - there wasn't any sort of advertising until Friday. Anyway, I went on Saturday. Didn't see that many cars I would want to buy if I had the money, including the Lexus LF-A. I did, however, see quite a few cars that make me want to join whatever company loads them into the convention center. Back to things I could drive, I tried the Ford Raptor Challenge sim again but Couldn't do better than 63 seconds; I also drove the Ford Taurus SHO sim, which had the worst physics in any racing game I have ever played - and I've played both early Ridge Racers and Sega GT 2002. I managed to set the best time, but only after asking the guy who set the original best time how he did it and him telling me to not break for any corners.

I'm still pissed about not breaking 60 seconds in the Raptor sim, though.

Back to the show - not many interesting cars, cars I would thinking about test driving weren't out yet, and the Ford robot was nowhere near sarcastic enough. Oh well, maybe next year.