Expanded View

Tue 30 June 2009

So I decided that I would go check out the location of Killswitch perf in case I decide to intern there. So after a quick stop to VOX to say hi, I was off, to what is now my baseline for the most ghetto part of town I've been in so far. First off, I didn't remember the address, so I was kinda lost for the better part of the time I was wandering around. Secondly, I wasn't too far from Turner Field, so for the ghettoness to increase exponentially like that was kinda scary.

Speaking of scary, I thought I was going to die multiple times. When you're born and raised in the suburbs like I was, going into the broke part of the city is really different. Aside from the fact that I thought someone would mug me for my computer and that I would get shot for wearing blue jeans, I must have looked like a tourist as I wander in circles for two miles and two hours. I actually managed to find the shop by accident, but dismissed it as it looked like any other run-down building in the area. After getting nowhere I decided to call it for the day and go back to Peachtree Center to get the address and location of the shop again, only to find that I had found it, and dismissed it. Grr. Oh well, I guess I'll go back tomorrow - without my computer. Lugging that thing around was a bitch.