I Thought Arby's Once

Wed 06 May 2009
And I got diarrhea because of it. But I guess the sheer quantity of Arby's commercials got to me, because a couple days ago I decided to brave the threat of mud butt and try their new sandwich. Firstly, if I had known that the last inspection score they got was a 77 before I ordered, I would've driven to McDonalds and never looked back. But I didn't, so I got the sandwich and ate it.
Impressions: God it is _so_ not worth it. First off, you do not get as much bacon as they advertise. I got like one small strip that was smaller than the cheese. Second, the beef seemed like it was sitting for a while, even though they made my sandwich to order. It didn't taste that much different than a normal hamburger to me, but my palate isn't exactly what you might call "refined", so take that as you will. Finally, I tried one of the new FruiTeas they were pushing; just like before, I didn't know something I probably should've - that the tea is sweetened with Splenda - but the artificial taste was quite subdued.
All in all, I was tempted with somthing new and different - I won't get fooled by that same trick again.