Mega Update

Wed 30 July 2008

OK, so I can at least believe I can keep up with something after the first month, I'm going to update my blog, and I'm going to try to update every MWF to try and get some use out of the money I'm sinking into this thing. Now:

  • I've chosen my college. Harvey Mudd hasn't seen the likes of me.
  • Got a new computer; if you've seen the $400 computer in the Walmart* circular, that's the one I have. Not the MacBook Pro I was expecting to get, but that's the way the world works.
  • Immediately put Ubuntu on it when I got it - true to Murphy's Law the wireless card didn't work out of the box, were I already at college this might've been a problem since I don't believe there are ethernet drops in the dorms.
  • I leave for the campus in eight days. I haven't started packing yet. Double-dose of yikes.

That's about it for now, hopefully there'll be more when I get to the campus and raise the dead. For scientific reasons, of course.