My Mildly Interesting Weekend

Tue 17 March 2009

Yeah I know it's almost Wednesday - I just couldn't be arsed.

Anyway, I went to the AJC Auto Show on Saturday - big disappointment. I noticed that there were fewer makes from last year, I guess the Carpocalypse affects(?) us all. I missed Jaguar, and Mitsubishi, which was the second-biggest bummer for me, because even though the Evo got a flappy-paddle gearbox, I still wanted to think I was Petter Solberg (even though he drove a STi). On the note of Subaru, they didn't have the rally simulator this year, which was the biggest bummer of the event, which was saved by the greatest joy of the event - the Raptor simulator at the Ford booth. It's essentially a Baja simulator, with the intent of getting the lowest time possible. Apparently a rookie getting anything below 70 seconds is really good - my first run was a 67.69. Jea. It took me about 14 more tries to shave 2.7 seconds off that to my best of 64.95, but I'm extremely happy with it - the best time ever was a 60.67 and the people who routinely travel with it to the shows only pull off 63 seconds, if consistently. Anyway, it was the best time of the show (which should be taken with a grain of salt, it was the first day), but I don't think that many people will do much better than me - I guess all those racing games are finally paying off. Now if I could parlay that into a sponsorship with Ford Racing - hmmm....

Anyway, it's late and I want to get to sleep. I didn't do anything on Sunday because, like posting this on an almost-Wednesday, I couldn't be arsed.

And I'm paying for it by having to do laundry tomorrow.