My Weekend

Sun 12 October 2008

It ROCKED. Well, the weekend's not over yet, but it can't possibly get any better now. So, to interest all my 0 readers, I will go over it all:

  • Friday was Suds, a party with - you guessed it - lots of suds and foamy bubbles. and it rocked. I danced, which is something I never do and makes me proud to come out of the last vestiges of my shyness.
  • Saturday was the Formula D finale at Irwindale. I have been wanting to go to a Formula D event since 2007, but have never had the time. For someone who wants to get into the sport professionally,it would behoove them to look at what they're getting into, right? Anyway, it was AWESOME. I think I was spoiled because I usually went to smaller events where you can get closer to the cars, but you could still hear them and smell the tire smoke, so it was all good.

Anyway, that's all for now.