Poncy de Leon

Thu 08 October 2009

I had two hours before class today so I decided to see if I could find my way to Atlantic Station and back before class started.

Long story short, I couldn't.

I had been told that I could take Northside Drive to North Avenue and that would take me in to Midtown (or at least what some people would consider Midtown; I say Midtown doesn't start until Piedmont Park); problem was, I had no idea how to get to Northside Drive. I followed a government car for a while just kinda hoping, but that got me nowhere. I just kinda drove around and - lo and behold - I managed to find my way next to Turner Field! From there I took the Connector to 14th Street, and promptly got myself lost in Midtown. Hooray!

After deciding to go back to 14th Street and trying again, I took a feeder street that I originally exited on to the end, and luckily enough I managed to get dropped off right next to the Arts Center MARTA station, which was exactly where I wanted to be since I knew there was a shuttle that departed from there for Atlantic Station. As I got to the light and waited for it to turn, the shuttle departed for Atlantic Station, which got me antsy for the light to change to follow it. Luckily the light turned green before the shuttle could lose me, and turned onto...17th Street, which I crossed over while I was getting myself lost. Hooray again!

Not one to be fased so easily, I took 17th Street, crossed over the bridge, and finally found Atlantic Station - with 55 minutes left until class. Drat! No time to hang around and do nothing this time, but at least I knew how to get there on the streets now.

Now time to get to the college for class - Well that's no problem, I could just take 85 to 166 and be done...is what I thought until I looked at the gridlock that is Atlanta Rush Hour Traffic™ and decided that wasn't going to fly. I knew how to get to North Avenue from where I was and I thought I had a decent amount of luck left after finding the Atlantic Station shuttle, so I decided to believe in myself and go for it, which actually managed to work.

So in conclusion, I decided to explore Atlanta, I failed at it, I got myself lost, I got lucky, I believed in myself and I made it to class on time. All on a quarter-tank.

All in all, not a bad day.