Smile Because It Happened

Sat 17 May 2008

Well, it's finally over. After close to four years of dodging too many people in small hallways, trying to be heard in classes of 30+ people and acting crazy on more than one occasion (and usually in front of more than 100 people), I've graduated from Banneker High School. I don't feel any different, any more prepared for the world than I did a week ago, but c'est la vie. They say that you forget all about high school when you get out into college and the real world, but it doesn't seem like it. Some say that's a good thing, but why would it be? These are the people I known for my entire high school career, and now we're all drifting off our own ways, never to meet again until our reunions, if then. *sigh*, maybe I should stop bitching and enjoy the rest of the time we have together then, even if it's only graduation.