All Downhill From Here

Wed 15 September 2021

It's official - I've wasted my youth. I'm not some young, dumb 20-something anymore.

I remember when I was a bright-eyed 15-year-old attending what I believe was the last NOPI Nationals, seeing drifting for the first time and saying to myself "That's what I'm gonna do; I'm gonna do that". Despite the fact I bought a car ostensibly to go drifting three years ago and have over $7500 in parts waiting to get installed on the car, I haven't done more than a couple donuts in an empty lot.

I was going to do it in 2020 - then I got laid off in 2019 and the world fell apart.

I was going to do it in 2021 - but the world still hadn't been put back together and I got lazy.

Maybe I'll do it in 2022, along with all the other things I said I would do last year.

At least I had fun hitting up K1, AMP and Andretti's Buford all in one day yesterday, plus I did another driving experience at the Porsche HQ today, in a Cayman GT4 this time. The rain meant I couldn't experience the car fully but I still got to enjoy myself on the skidpad and kickplate.

I knew this would happen, but all the same I'm still sad it did - guess I'll have to cry into my 401(k).

A child jumps out of bed shouting "Today's my birthday!"; the grim reaper moves a bead along a rod, there are three beads left on the starting side