I Wanna Be Like Mike

Thu 25 June 2009

So I overheard that Mike died on the train coming back from the mall. At first I thought it was just some bullshit joke-type thing, and the fact that they had included Farrah Fawcett in the obit as well seemed to cement its falseness (I knew she had died at the time). You know, just something to cause a sensation.

But then I got home, and - "What's this? A special on Michael? Why would they do that unless...shit." I guess that joke obituary wasn't a joke after all.

I was too young to grow up with him, I missed him at his peak and got him on his slow descent into his current former self, with scandal after scandal after nosejob after molestation charge, but my mother turned me on to what I had missed - the Jackson 5, Bad, Dangerous, but most importantly Thriller.

Who could forget Thriller: PYT, Beat It and Thriller are timeless - no matter who you are, no matter when you were born, those songs will make you get up and dance like you've got the glove yourself.

But I'm spacing now, so I'll just finish with this: rest in peace Michael Jackson, I'll always remember you as black.