All Over But The Shouting

Sat 07 November 2020

I don't visit Oppositelock nearly as much as the regulars, and I'm much more of a lurker than a poster when I do visit, but in my ridiculous lurking tenure I have posted a couple of things I'm proud of. Unfortunately weedkiller can't stop herbs, as it seems Oppositelock is totally-for-real-no-fooling shutting down soon. Despite not visiting that often over the years, I'm still happy Oppo exists because it feels like one of the last vestiges of Gawker, even if it only exists because of Kinja. Nevertheless - the private equity company must have its pound of flesh, so Oppo is likely on its way out. I've copied my story about my first time operating a manual transmission locally (it's still on Oppo as long as Oppo's still alive), and the pictures of my brief brush with internet fame are below.

Kinja post titled Career Fair @ My School Yesterday!; text says "There really weren’t enough companies I’d want to work for to justify putting on a tie, but I had to go because CarMax was there! I asked the recruiter if he knew of Doug DeMuro! Never heard of him."

Comment from Doug DeMuro; text says "The fewer CarMax employees who know me, the better!!"