Hum Practice

Mon 20 April 2009

I've been meaning to write - just like I've been meaning to do pushups except for when I feel like a weak bitch, which is more and common nowadays, except I'm being stopped by my mental insecurities instead of my physical ones. I have a lot of ideas for stories - from a serial in the vein of Bruce Almighty, to a novel-length cynic's take on It's A Wonderful Life (I just wanna knock that stupid innocent smirk off Jimmy Smits' face). I've even got a couple serials rattling around in my head that I don't just want to put out on the Internet because they're so strange (and I don't want anyone stealing them - those two have sadly been done in some fashion before).

But when I'm not thinking I'm too much of a pansy to do something with my life, I'm getting stuck at character development. I mean, I want to be able to write my characters well, but I don't want to commit the first cardinal sin of literature and self-insert. *sigh* I just have to get over myself, put on my big-boy pants and do it.