The end of an era…

Thu 28 June 2007

...the era of Red Vs. Blue. God, has it really been four years? I mean, I jumped in at the start of the fourth season, so I came late to the party, but I jumped in headfirst, and took in the community. But this isn't just the end of one series, it's the end of the series, the one that started the whole machinima craze in the first place! RvB is the de facto standard for machinima in this universe. You aren't considered an actual machinima artist unless you can match up to the standards of comedy, script quality, and visual mastery set forth by Rooster Teeth in that first episode. But enough of me singing their praises; why don't I just talk about the final episode!

Well the storyline of the last few episodes really threw me for a loop, cause I didn't really get it. I usually get things like that, but for some reason I went dee dee dee for the last few; probably because I wouldn't dl them like I normally do b/c I lost my sponsorship and would have to download the standard-res versions, so I just watched the flash versions. But basically, what I got was that Tucker's baby could help O'Malley conquer the universe, and the blues were set to stop it, but Tex worked out a deal with O'Malley for none of them to get hurt, but Church went and blew it all to hell by trying to save everyone. Go figure. Once back outside, Church and Tex basically beat everyone to find out where O'Malley went, but that forced him inside Tex, who went with Tucker's baby to conquer the universe. However, the Reds had other plans, since they set Andy inside the ship Tex was using to escape, and detonated him before Tex could make away. Church, sullen that his ex was destroyed, goes back to Blue base to brood, so Sarge decided to call Vic for reinforcments to destroy the Blues, but Vic denied to help him. Sarge, in retaliation, decides to waste the computer they found in the caves, thus completing (and winning) the game.

Flash forward to the postgame report. We see it was all a game of Halo. And it's always been a game of Halo. Everyone talks about their experiences through the game (and the subsequent series), and they decide to start a new game on a new map.

I just wish for two things from there. The first is that they remove the "new episodes" end shot, and that they actually start a new series of Red Vs. Blue on a new map. Somewhere nice.