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  1. YOLO Phone Service Search Results

    Mon 02 January 2023

    I wrote a blog post last year about finding a phone to use for clandestine communications and ended it by saying I would create a follow-up post about what service to use alongside said phone. Welp, I finally bothered to turn my notes into an actual post, so it's time …

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  2. Just Shoot, B

    Wed 30 November 2022

    I've never liked guns that much, but I do remember having an enjoyable time shooting rifles and shotguns while I was at Boy Scouts camp. Despite not having any real desire to own a gun, I found myself applying for a weapons carry license on my 21st birthday really just …

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  3. YOLO Phone Search Results

    Tue 26 April 2022

    I got into one of my sooper-sekrit James Bond moods a while back which put me down the path of trying to obtain and maintain a disposable phone for clandestine communications - I specifically call it a disposable phone and not a burner since infosec dorks are touchy about the term …

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  4. Status Update

    Sun 08 May 2011

    Since 6PM Thursday, I have:

    • Eaten three times
    • Driven over 300 miles
    • Taken over 1000 pictures, most of them blurry
    • Seen Donald Glover in concert
    • Lost one RFJP shirt
    • Gotten another signed by Dai Yoshihara
    • Bro'd out for about 48 hours straight, and
    • High-five'd Matt Powers

    But yeah, I'm sure …

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  5. Dazed and CONfused 2: DragonCon Aftermath

    Tue 14 September 2010

    I know, I know, Dragon*Con's been done for a week now, but suck it I've been sick.

    Anyway, aside from the mega-herpes I had an overall pretty sweet time at D*Con. I got to meet a lot of people I most likely wouldn't have otherwise, most notably Brian …

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  6. I'm Sticking To My LiveJournal

    Wed 01 September 2010

    I finally decided to delete my Myspace account because I haven't been on it in years and I have no friends so I don't need a social network account. Now this isn't that big of a deal in its own regard, but as one of the 17 hoops they make …

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  7. Kicking The Habit

    Tue 03 August 2010

    For like the third time this month (I started this round in July so I'm still calling it then) I'm managing to kick myself off caffeine. And my head has been pounding for the past two days. Neither water nor sleep makes it stop. I don't know why I do …

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  8. Computer Problems

    Tue 27 July 2010

    My laptop's power brick died yesterday. I wish the part that had died was the one that plugged into the wall and I had like three copies of in the house...but it's alright. I was the sucker that bought the extended warranty, and it's actually managed to work out …

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  9. Stuck Up

    Mon 03 May 2010

    I've been meaning to put this up for some time now, but better late than never I guess.


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