1. I finally registered for the Subject Tests

    Tue 04 September 2007

    and the SAT yesterday. Doing it at Banneker too, so I'm happy about that, but I still need to get registered for the ACT. I'll prob have to take it @ Creekside though, and that sucks.

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  2. Explanation...

    Wed 22 August 2007

    OK, for all you 0 readers out there who may be wondering why the website was down a while ago, here's the scoop:

    I was trying to update WP, when I thought "Hey, this won't be the only thing on my website, so I should probably move it to a …

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  3. More good news…

    Thu 16 August 2007

    I changed the location of my WordPress install from /wordpres to /blog and now my layout's borked. I'll have to take a look at it, but for right now, I'll just use the default theme. This week is a great first week of school.  :(

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  4. Freezing them didn’t work…

    Tue 14 August 2007

    and so all my videos are basically lost. I could most likely send them out to a HD recovery place, but I don't have that kind of money. I think I'll just buy some HDDs and RAID 5 them next time. Or just not use a Deathstar.

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  5. I didn’t get in.

    Mon 23 July 2007

    I didn't make it into the Advanced Academy. My mom's trying to appeal that decision to a higher-up though, and I really want to do this, so keep those fingers crossed.

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