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  1. Needing Vital Memory Expeditiously For A Raspberry Pi

    Wed 25 January 2023


    This statement shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who's handled them for an extended period of time, but SD cards are one of the worst storage options to run a computer from - putting the godawful latency and throughput of your average card aside, the low-quality flash is almost …

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  2. YOLO Phone Service Search Results

    Mon 02 January 2023

    I wrote a blog post last year about finding a phone to use for clandestine communications and ended it by saying I would create a follow-up post about what service to use alongside said phone. Welp, I finally bothered to turn my notes into an actual post, so it's time …

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  3. My Little Profiler: Flamegraph is Magic

    Mon 12 December 2022

    Until recently, profilers were a tool I'd heard people gushing over but never gotten around to trying myself. I put ox_profile on my list of neat tools to try out when I heard of it at PyCon in 2019 and replaced it with Scalene when I heard of that at …

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  4. Just Shoot, B

    Wed 30 November 2022

    I've never liked guns that much, but I do remember having an enjoyable time shooting rifles and shotguns while I was at Boy Scouts camp. Despite not having any real desire to own a gun, I found myself applying for a weapons carry license on my 21st birthday really just …

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  5. A Bug I Squashed: py-hopscotch-dict Part 2

    Mon 03 October 2022

    An Unwelcome Visitor Arrives

    Like every ridiculously subtle bug this one seemed to appear out of nowhere. I always confirm my code passes tests locally before pushing changes, but I still found myself staring down a red CI build marker and a strange error:

            def __delitem__(self, key: Hashable) -> None …
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  6. A Bug I Squashed: py-hopscotch-dict Part 1

    Tue 27 September 2022

    This bug is a couple years old now, but I'm still proud of myself for finding it. Anyway, onto the story:

    I was this close to the first public release of py-hopscotch-dict: I'd organized the repo just-so, built my first CI/CD pipeline - I'd even signed up for PyPI so …

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  7. Track Day Debrief: August 2022

    Wed 31 August 2022

    I was a lot more active this month than normal - beginning with a presentation at Hacker Summer Camp followed by two back-to-back track weekends. Nevertheless, the car stayed together through it all and I may have managed to find a not-embarrassing amount of pace.

    Preheat the Petit 2022

    First up …

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  8. Running Qubes 4.1.0 On A Lenovo X201

    Tue 19 July 2022

    With about three weeks until Hacker Summer Camp, I'm starting to tie up the last loose ends - specifically my DEF CON badge (I'm going to email my connect) and my laptop. Normally I don't give too much thought into my tech setup - I throw a fresh copy of Kali on …

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  9. Track Day Debrief: Esses of Summer 2022

    Sun 26 June 2022

    I didn't get on track at all last year [1], so I'm trying to make up for it this year. I made it out to the first BMWCCA HPDE in March, but waited too long to go to the one two weeks ago so I went to a JZilla event …

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