1. Transformers=S0xx0r R0xx0rage

    Fri 06 July 2007

    Coming in to the movie, I thought "I hope Michael Bay didn't fuck it up, but Jalopnik said it was cool, so he couldn't have done too much damage." Considering I paid $7.50 for a ticket (!; Visiting family in another state, it's usually $4.50 for a matinee at …

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  2. The end of an era…

    Thu 28 June 2007

    ...the era of Red Vs. Blue. God, has it really been four years? I mean, I jumped in at the start of the fourth season, so I came late to the party, but I jumped in headfirst, and took in the community. But this isn't just the end of one …

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  3. Started solving one problem, finished solving another…

    Tue 26 June 2007

    So I went into the code today to fix an insignificant, yet niggling problem. If you look at the source, you'll see that the profile bar on the left comes first, followed by the sidebar on the right, and finally the content in the middle; I went in today meaning …

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  4. I hate the GIMP.

    Wed 20 June 2007

    For the biggest part, it's the only image editing software that WON'T let you color in black when you select it! I don't see why it comes so highly regarded, I would rather be using Paint. At least it lets you color in lack. Case in point: right now I'm …

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  5. Yay!

    Mon 18 June 2007

    After many webhosts; some good, some bad, and many nights of work, Mischivous.com is finally up on June 18! If I could drink, I'd be wasted somewhere now!

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