1. The Passion Of The Code

    Wed 25 May 2022

    I finished a moderately-sized project last week; since I want to blog more I figured I'd talk about it.


    I've blogged about my karting hobby before, but anyone halfway quick in public karting knows the biggest factor in how fast you are are the the karts themselves: maybe some …

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  2. YOLO Phone Search Results

    Tue 26 April 2022

    I got into one of my sooper-sekrit James Bond moods a while back which put me down the path of trying to obtain and maintain a disposable phone for clandestine communications - I specifically call it a disposable phone and not a burner since infosec dorks are touchy about the term …

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  3. Privacy Service Comparison

    Thu 31 March 2022

    A week or two back one of the people I follow on Twitter retweeted a furry talking about how they maintain their privacy while commissioning artists around the globe. As someone who's never been completely comfortable over giving my card info to every site I buy from online or putting …

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  4. Confessions Of A Keeb Noob

    Sun 27 February 2022

    I watched a DEFCON talk on custom keyboards while I was taking time off for Thanksgiving in hopes of figuring out why keyboard nerds are how they are. One of the presenters mentioned a company they frequent, so I decided to take a look - within 20 minutes I had spent …

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  5. Looking For Improved Mints

    Mon 03 January 2022

    I started using Mint in a much simpler time [1] - it did everything I needed, which wasn't much. Then they were acquired by Intuit and things began changing, the most obvious being the introduction of ads - it didn't make sense to me that an app run by a publicly-traded company …

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  6. 2021 Software Contributions

    Sun 02 January 2022

    I don't remember if it happened in late 2020 or early 2021, but while I was experiencing the latest episode of the internet catching fire because of a vulnerability in some little-known, widely-used open source project [1] I decided I wasn't going to be yet another Internet rubbernecker lobbing bombs …

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  7. Smartass Seeks Dumb TV

    Mon 27 December 2021

    I've never been that great about figuring out what gifts to give people, so when my mother said she wanted a new TV it made my Christmas shopping significantly easier - the only problem being I knew I couldn't buy her a smart TV. To my surprise, gifting what should be …

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  8. All Downhill From Here

    Wed 15 September 2021

    It's official - I've wasted my youth. I'm not some young, dumb 20-something anymore.

    I remember when I was a bright-eyed 15-year-old attending what I believe was the last NOPI Nationals, seeing drifting for the first time and saying to myself "That's what I'm gonna do; I'm gonna do that". Despite …

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  9. The Best Early Birthday Present

    Mon 06 September 2021

    At the time, I was truly worried I might have lost it.

    I had just finished an early dinner before heading to K1 for the monthly league race, and I could feel my stomach squirming as I walked to my car. My first thought was rapid-onset food poisoning, but the …

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  10. Secure Mail Takes Professionalism

    Sat 24 July 2021

    Jim Wang said it best - "Your email address is the center of your digital life". From shopping to social media, cordcutting to crowdfunding, Allstate to OnlyFans - the modern internet collapses without a platform-independent communication hub.

    Since email is of such critical importance, it is then fundamental that that we never …

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