1. Looking For Improved Mints

    Mon 03 January 2022

    I started using Mint in a much simpler time [1] - it did everything I needed, which wasn't much. Then they were acquired by Intuit and things began changing, the most obvious being the introduction of ads - it didn't make sense to me that an app run by a publicly-traded company …

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  2. 2021 Software Contributions

    Sun 02 January 2022

    I don't remember if it happened in late 2020 or early 2021, but while I was experiencing the latest episode of the internet catching fire because of a vulnerability in some little-known, widely-used open source project [1] I decided I wasn't going to be yet another Internet rubbernecker lobbing bombs …

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  3. Smartass Seeks Dumb TV

    Mon 27 December 2021

    I've never been that great about figuring out what gifts to give people, so when my mother said she wanted a new TV it made my Christmas shopping significantly easier - the only problem being I knew I couldn't buy her a smart TV. To my surprise, gifting what should be …

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  4. All Downhill From Here

    Wed 15 September 2021

    It's official - I've wasted my youth. I'm not some young, dumb 20-something anymore.

    I remember when I was a bright-eyed 15-year-old attending what I believe was the last NOPI Nationals, seeing drifting for the first time and saying to myself "That's what I'm gonna do; I'm gonna do that". Despite …

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  5. The Best Early Birthday Present

    Mon 06 September 2021

    At the time, I was truly worried I might have lost it.

    I had just finished an early dinner before heading to K1 for the monthly league race, and I could feel my stomach squirming as I walked to my car. My first thought was rapid-onset food poisoning, but the …

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  6. Secure Mail Takes Professionalism

    Sat 24 July 2021

    Jim Wang said it best - "Your email address is the center of your digital life". From shopping to social media, cordcutting to crowdfunding, Allstate to OnlyFans - the modern internet collapses without a platform-independent communication hub.

    Since email is of such critical importance, it is then fundamental that that we never …

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  7. The Apex Predator Awakens

    Tue 23 February 2021

    For the past couple years, I've been participating in the championship at my local indoor karting track. It's nothing particularly special - you show up one day a month, pay the fee and get a standard race day experience with two time-based qualifying sessions for placement in a position-based final. I'd …

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  8. All Over But The Shouting

    Sat 07 November 2020

    I don't visit Oppositelock nearly as much as the regulars, and I'm much more of a lurker than a poster when I do visit, but in my ridiculous lurking tenure I have posted a couple of things I'm proud of. Unfortunately weedkiller can't stop herbs, as it seems Oppositelock is …

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  9. Your Passwords Should Be Shorter

    Sun 18 October 2020

    One of the most storied rites of passage computer touchers have in their journey to adulthood is the writing of a curmudgeonly, more-than-slightly-condescending article with an incendiary title practically guaranteeing placement on the first page of the Orange Site. The custom began with Dijkstra's foundational Go To Statement Considered Harmful …

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  10. A (Mostly) Foolproof GHA Python CI/CD Workflow

    Mon 15 June 2020

    Before the world fell over and caught fire, I went to PyCon for the first time. Like all work "conferences" it was pretty nice - all expenses paid, saw some interesting talks and got to meet a bunch of new people.

    A picture with me and Guido van Rossum; I got a picture with him before a coworker but he uploaded his to the company slack first for all the clout.

    One set of talks I was particularly interested in were …

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