1. Computer Problems

    Tue 27 July 2010

    My laptop's power brick died yesterday. I wish the part that had died was the one that plugged into the wall and I had like three copies of in the house...but it's alright. I was the sucker that bought the extended warranty, and it's actually managed to work out …

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  2. Music Discussion

    Wed 14 July 2010

    So I was sitting on the bus to go home when I had the idea for this back-and-forth between these two characters, one a prominent right-wing gay-basher type and his friend-of-sorts, who I will call A and B respectively:

    B: I'm surprised to find that you like house music, since …

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  3. Sleep-Dep Theatre 2

    Sun 04 July 2010

    I dreamed this Friday morning, but hadn't gotten around to posting it until now. Anyway:

    I had this dream where the volcano in Iceland that erupted was actually some dying god that somehow controlled all the world's adults. I don't remember how I found this out but me and a …

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  4. Stuck Up

    Mon 03 May 2010

    I've been meaning to put this up for some time now, but better late than never I guess.


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  5. Words To Live By

    Wed 07 April 2010

    Thank you Stewart Leask for setting the world straight:

    if you cannot pronounce it witout looking like a faggot, you shouldn't be drinking it.
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  6. Did You Know...

    Mon 29 March 2010

    ...that the AJC Auto Show was last week? I didn't until Thursday, I was wondering when it would happen - there wasn't any sort of advertising until Friday. Anyway, I went on Saturday. Didn't see that many cars I would want to buy if I had the money, including the Lexus …

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  7. Winter Wonderland

    Sat 13 February 2010

    I decided to tag along with some college acquaintances and head off to Agnes Scott College today since my school was closed due to imaginary snow. But as we get there, it starts snowing. 30 minutes pass, and everything's covered in snow. I gotta tell ya, when I originally thought …

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  8. School's Closed

    Fri 12 February 2010

    Due to the threat of snow, the school's shut down. Gotta leave to get something to eat and work on my paper. I guess Lenox, I got nothing better to do...besides the paper, of course.

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  9. Grammys

    Mon 01 February 2010

    I caught the tail end of the Grammys last night, and I kinda wish I hadn't. I mean, partly because the fact that it only awards popular music instead of good music (and yes, I realize I'm being somewhat of a hypocritical asshole saying that both popular music isn't good …

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  10. Hardly Working

    Wed 27 January 2010

    I'll just summarize the past couple days since I've got to be getting on to class: I'm getting in to rock climbing, and got belay certified on Monday. I entered a poker tournament that got held last night and got eighth out of 40, as high as I got when …

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