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  1. XCP-NG On An EliteDesk 805 G8 Mini

    Wed 07 June 2023

    Prologue: Computers Were A Mistake

    I guess it was only a matter of time until a Youtuber showed me something I wanted to buy.

    I'd been thinking about building a small homelab since late last year with the goal of having a local Git repository for my open-source code, and …

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  2. Four Cores Are Better Than One

    Wed 29 March 2023

    Occasionally my mind regains the ability to recall something from more than two weeks in the past, the latest item being a blog post I read on the relative power of shell parallelization. Recently I found myself dreading an enormously parallelizable task and decided in lieu of spending 45 seconds …

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  3. Flashing Heads On A Lenovo X220

    Mon 27 February 2023


    As a member of the infosec dork tribe of the computer yeller nation I have a travel laptop I use for attending conferences, but its intermittent wifi almost torpedoed my presentation at BSides last year so this year I decided a change was in order; luckily being a computer …

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  4. Needing Vital Memory Expeditiously For A Raspberry Pi

    Wed 25 January 2023


    This statement shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who's handled them for an extended period of time, but SD cards are one of the worst storage options to run a computer from - putting the godawful latency and throughput of your average card aside, the low-quality flash is almost …

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  5. My Little Profiler: Flamegraph is Magic

    Mon 12 December 2022

    Until recently, profilers were a tool I'd heard people gushing over but never gotten around to trying myself. I put ox_profile on my list of neat tools to try out when I heard of it at PyCon in 2019 and replaced it with Scalene when I heard of that at …

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  6. A Bug I Squashed: py-hopscotch-dict Part 2

    Mon 03 October 2022

    An Unwelcome Visitor Arrives

    Like every ridiculously subtle bug this one seemed to appear out of nowhere. I always confirm my code passes tests locally before pushing changes, but I still found myself staring down a red CI build marker and a strange error:

            def __delitem__(self, key: Hashable) -> None …
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  7. A Bug I Squashed: py-hopscotch-dict Part 1

    Tue 27 September 2022

    This bug is a couple years old now, but I'm still proud of myself for finding it. Anyway, onto the story:

    I was this close to the first public release of py-hopscotch-dict: I'd organized the repo just-so, built my first CI/CD pipeline - I'd even signed up for PyPI so …

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  8. Running Qubes 4.1.0 On A Lenovo X201

    Tue 19 July 2022

    With about three weeks until Hacker Summer Camp, I'm starting to tie up the last loose ends - specifically my DEF CON badge (I'm going to email my connect) and my laptop. Normally I don't give too much thought into my tech setup - I throw a fresh copy of Kali on …

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  9. The Passion Of The Code

    Wed 25 May 2022

    I finished a moderately-sized project last week; since I want to blog more I figured I'd talk about it.


    I've blogged about my karting hobby before, but anyone halfway quick in public karting knows the biggest factor in how fast you are are the the karts themselves: maybe some …

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