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  1. A Bug I Squashed: py-hopscotch-dict Part 1

    Tue 27 September 2022

    This bug is a couple years old now, but I'm still proud of myself for finding it. Anyway, onto the story:

    I was this close to the first public release of py-hopscotch-dict: I'd organized the repo just-so, built my first CI/CD pipeline - I'd even signed up for PyPI so …

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  2. Running Qubes 4.1.0 On A Lenovo X201

    Tue 19 July 2022

    With about three weeks until Hacker Summer Camp, I'm starting to tie up the last loose ends - specifically my DEF CON badge (I'm going to email my connect) and my laptop. Normally I don't give too much thought into my tech setup - I throw a fresh copy of Kali on …

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  3. The Passion Of The Code

    Wed 25 May 2022

    I finished a moderately-sized project last week; since I want to blog more I figured I'd talk about it.


    I've blogged about my karting hobby before, but anyone halfway quick in public karting knows the biggest factor in how fast you are are the the karts themselves: maybe some …

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  4. Confessions Of A Keeb Noob

    Sun 27 February 2022

    I watched a DEFCON talk on custom keyboards while I was taking time off for Thanksgiving in hopes of figuring out why keyboard nerds are how they are. One of the presenters mentioned a company they frequent, so I decided to take a look - within 20 minutes I had spent …

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  5. A (Mostly) Foolproof GHA Python CI/CD Workflow

    Mon 15 June 2020

    Before the world fell over and caught fire, I went to PyCon for the first time. Like all work "conferences" it was pretty nice - all expenses paid, saw some interesting talks and got to meet a bunch of new people.

    A picture with me and Guido van Rossum; I got a picture with him before a coworker but he uploaded his to the company slack first for all the clout.

    One set of talks I was particularly interested in were …

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