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  1. Last Night Was Weird

    Mon 04 January 2010

    Okay, so first off I had to clean out the garage to go hang out with my friend who was apparently some sort of anthropomorphic frog who couldn't talk, and while doing so I find my actual bike in pieces. I also find what looks to be an old sit-down …

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  2. Comic-Con Crazy

    Sat 25 July 2009

    I had two separate dreams last night. The first was some sort of gritty, punisher-like world where New York was split into two separate territories that were each split into five smaller areas for whatever reas, and I lived on a cape of some sort in a beach houlse that …

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  3. Did Kill Bill Do This?

    Mon 08 June 2009

    I was watching Kill Bill last night before I went to sleep - I wonder if it had something to do with this? Oh well.

    So for some reason I want to base jump from one building in Washington, D.C. to another, and the building I decide to jump off …
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  4. Corn Chips & Shwood-Swann

    Wed 27 May 2009

    So I'm doing some sort of project in high school, where we have to build a computer or something like it with corn chips, and I took the corn chips out for some reason and I needed to get more. So I go up to the front of the class …

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  5. Sleep-dep TV

    Fri 08 May 2009
    So I had two seperate but similar dreams last night. The first one was that I went into some alternate dimension using a MARTA train for some reason that was lost to my dream.
    The second, more recent dream I had was that I was at something that was either …
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  6. No More Snickerdoodles Before Bed

    Thu 07 May 2009
    Okay, so there was this supercomputer, and it was GLaDOS-like without the psycopathy and murderous inclinations, and for some reason it thought that I did something wrong as a child and didn't like me for it, and wouldn't like me until I corrected it. all I really remember is that …
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  7. School Daze

    Mon 16 March 2009

    I don't know what was going on with me last night, but I don't want to do it ever again.

    Anyway, I was at college in my room which strangely looked like the second floor of my house. I thought that some Swedish boogeyman was out to get me, and …

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  8. WTF-Copia

    Sun 18 January 2009

    So the first dream I can remember is I get a check back from Mudd and I use part of it to get this steering wheel I want badly. No problem there, that seems pretty normal, I should be getting a check back from them and that will be what …

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  9. Never Watch 24 Before Sleep

    Tue 13 January 2009

    So I don't remember the pretenses, but somehow I found myself in a room with about 4 or 5  little kids and from what I could tell, we were being sold off, to whom I don't know. I remember there were prizes for being the smartest, but I don't remember …

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